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SEO is not about the number of keywords or backlinks placed on the website. It is also about search intent and creative and easy-to-read content that generates organic traffic.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is an art and science of websites on the internet. This is the art of ranking websites at the top of Search Engine results. And there is a whole sort of necessary factors behind it to do it in the right manner. Luckily, we are good at both. We know exactly what needs to be done to rank websites for required keywords in search engine results We are one of the best SEO Company in Kolkata, Kolkata to help you rank better.

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Keyword Research

The starting point of any SEO is proper Keyword Research, and that is something we are good at. We will find the perfect keywords for your website to rank at the top. We will also determine keyword difficulty to ensure i.e keywords are easy to read and helps to rank in the search results. As the premier Best SEO Agency in Kolkata, we are known for our keyword research. With our proven keyword research methods, we will discover hidden gems that will get you relevant traffic, that can ultimately convert as your targeted customers. We closely monitor the SERP of keywords to ensure they keep moving up the search results. And we always keep working on finding new keywords to drive long-tail traffic.

  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Difficulty Analysis
  • Long-Tail Keywords
  • Constant
  • Monitoring of SERP of Keywords
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SEO Company kolkata


On-Page SEO

We fix the SEO of your website pages. We check all the content, meta tags, headings, images, tags, etc. to ensure your On-Page SEO rocks and works well. We also do advanced On-Page SEO activities, like the addition of Structured Data Markup for both Google as well as Facebook. These results that you have a perfect On-Page SEO. That is what makes us be one of the top-rated Best SEO Agency in Kolkata.

  • Meta Tags
  • On-Page Content
  • Structured Data Markup
  • Interlinking to Other Pages


Off Page SEO

Most of the SEO agencies in Kolkata follow the wrong SEO format, which can harm the website. Luckily, we are very good at Off-Page SEO. So, when you associate with us as we are the top ranking Best SEO company in Kolkata, you can be assured enough that it is going to be a game-changer for your company. We do quality link building, social  bookmarking, article submission, and more White Hat SEO Techniques to drive large traffic towards your website.

  • Link Building
  • Article Submission
  • Broken Link Building
  • Competitor Backlink Monitoring
SEO Company in kolkata
SEO Services Kolkata


Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of ensuring that a website meets the technical requirements of modern search engines with the goal of improved rankings. It ensures your website that it has a high value in the market. Important elements of Technical SEO include crawling, indexing, and website architecture. That is what makes us one of the top Best SEO Company in Kolkata.

  • URL structure
  • Structured data
  • Thin content
  • Duplicate content
  • Canonical tags
The online market is crazy due to the invention of the unique tool and tricks

Search Engine Optimization is commonly known as “SEO” is the major element of the digital marketing era that drives traffic crazy. But do you know what are its different types and how it works?  Each and everything we find on the Internet is based on this formula. Thus, there is a sudden rise in the affordable SEO services in Kolkata to compete with fellow service providers.

From Google rankings procedure to business analytics, it has held up numerous secrets for the beginners of the online digital industry. Well, stay tuned till the last of this amazing article to discover and gather a handful of information as well as the secrets of it.

Before digging out the secrets, let keep an eye on the following SEO statics:

  1. 70-80 % of the Google searches were from desktops in the year 2020-2021 to date.

  2. Millions of people are getting engaged in the bigger platforms. Google has been encountering 360 billion searches within a single year.

  3. Google SEO uses over 200 features and factors to rank the website on the top.

  4. The top position website content has more than 2000 words which is one of the big factors of the ranking system.

  5. The backlinks are one of the crucial elements in the content. It is seen that 90-91% website does not grow organic traffic because they lack authentic backlinks.

  6. SEO professionals and experts have reported that headline plays 40-50% significant role for grabbing attention.

  7. 27 to 30% of the Google search queries were on relevant content Images.

  8. Only 0.79 to 1% of traffic goes on Google’s second-page results. The first result page solely grabs 60-80% organic growth.

  9. By the year 2025, almost half of the population is going to access the Internet by using handy mobile phones.

  10. It has been claimed by the experts that SEO’s are more effective than other pay-per-click advertisements.

Since it works with some unique quality features, the SEO has four subcategories that play a big significant role in the working process and can be also termed as the effective tools for the top ranking list in the Google SERP.

The four different types can also be termed as the main components of the fully functioning website that are the important and necessary conditions of the search engine optimization process. Without which the website is incomplete while decreasing the growth abruptly. Although, choosing the best SEO company in Kolkata means drifting of better investment ideas in the digital marketing industry.

Well, let’s not waste time and enlist the four different types of search engine optimization which are the powerful tactics ensuring great advantages:
1. On-page SEO
2. Off-page SEO
3. Technical SEO
4. Local SEO

Here goes the following detail along with subsequent tips:
On-page SEO is commonly known as on-site SEO. These are optimization methods of the content which are going to be live on the website. It includes articles, blogs, using keywords, meta titles, descriptions, relevant videos or images, etc. The on-page feature makes the website look attractive and authentic for more viewers’ attention as well as increasing the viewing time.

However, let’s jump onto the tips of it:

  1. Keyword research: Optimizing the on-site content needs proper keyword research. Placing them at the right place on the website content is necessary which adds up the volume in the search engine result pages. A well-defined keyword can make the content impact and worthy for the generalized traffic. We are regarded as the best SEO services in Kolkata for our keyword research excellence.

  2. Upgrading the Metadata: Many might question what is metadata? Metadata is a brief description of the website content and tells Google what is the idea behind the content. In short, metadata are headings that must contain relevant keywords and helps to get a good website rank on the business listing. Most SEO service providers in Kolkata do not pay heed to upgrade the metadata. But our professionals take utmost care of each element and consider it as a beneficial tip.

  3. Adding internal linking system: Internal Links help in determining more traffic by adding extra web pages. It is often attached with anchor text or keywords in the content website. Linking high authority pages helps Google to read understand more and makes it more user-friendly. This makes the website more relevant and shows up at the top.
Off-Page Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of the website content. Often it is believed off-page contains backlinks but it is far beyond link building. It is also about creating broader exposure in the digital environment. However, it does not involve changing terms, unlike on-page search engine optimization.

Well, some of its amazing tips involved with Off-page optimization are as follows:
    1. Competitor research or analysis: You must have heard about Keyword research but what is competitor research? aA kind of research study of competitor management technology. Thus not only adding backlinks, adding keywords, using strategies, etc, are all part of the research.
This helps the marketers help to find out strengthens and weaknesses of their fellow marketing competitors. Most SEO service providers in Kolkata do quantitative analyses to find more opportunities from offensive ones to defensive one. Also reports threats associated with the context. Thus, if you are thinking about competitors’ analysis then you are on the right path of defining off-page optimization.

    2. Initializing Guest posting terms: Guest post initialization is also a part of Off-page SEO. This makes the website more relevant and builds a wider network of connections with renowned content writer’s communities. Although before publishing any kind of post, it is necessary to check whether it is relevant and came from an authentic site.
Similar is the case with the writers too, they also need to inspect the site they are going to submit their articles. And initializing the guest posting terms adds up more value to the website. Therefore, it can be considered to be an essential tip that Local SEO agency in Kolkata takes care of efficiently.

    3. Optimizing HARO (Help a reporter out): Optimizing HARO has been there since the day digital marketing services were born. This reports journalists or experts to follow the insights of the industrial growth and sales. It brings undoubtedly qualified traffic towards the website as they are viable of mentioning them in the finance reporting articles.
It helps companies to obtain valuable feedback from the generalized public and it acts as a review generating system. Thus, HARO can be added up as the stunning technique of acquiring quality traffic.

    4. Competitor Backlink Analysis: Backlink analysis or research is also important to know how and where to add the link in the following anchor text. The competitor uses new techniques or strategies to outshine the market but proper analysis and carrying up well-research studies helps the marketers to think marketing ideas out of the box.
Unlike the keyword research formula, backlink research is adequately important which grabs more attention of traffic ultimately turning them into potential clients. The best local SEO agency in Kolkata always carries out analytic figure studies for targeting the right kind of audience.
The Search Engines working algorithms changes over time and thus make it more complex to understand. Technical SEO is the perfect term for it as this SEO looks after the changing terms which function in crawling your website. Changing algorithms is directing indicating changes in SEO rules and regulations.

Therefore, to avoid problems while browsing the website, technical optimization is necessary. It also has to be efficient and functioning to generate traffic through the Google ranking process. However, this can be done in three handful ways and without wasting precious time, let’s dive into the detailed information:
    1. Setting Website Structure: The first part of Techincal SEO is setting website structure. A website will function well only if the structure is set enough. The homepage interconnects all other important pages, links, tags, etc. If it fails to serve the connections, the whole technical enhancement goes in vain.
Thus, setting website structure and pages is a necessary element for every website developer. A good website structure should include and relate group content along with highlighting the important pages. The structure should not be complex and easily understandable for the users.

    2. Mobile User- Friendliness: By recent statistics, almost 90% of the users are going to switch from desktop browsing sites to mobile sites. Thus, SEO services keep an eye on improving mobile user-friendliness. It ensures that the pages are easily navigable via mobile phones.
This is also a measure that falls under the technical terms and plays a role in the search engine ranking process.

    3. Enhancing Speed: Why the website should enhance the speed? A faster and quicker website builds trust credibility. The website templates must be simple along with limited redirects links. Also, the visual content should be improved from time to time as it is retrieving factor of website speed.
Therefore, from forming website structure, developing mobile-friendliness to enhancing speed, the technical SEO specialist looks after them to make the website rank on top.
Local search engine optimization is a part of SEO and it is also termed as one of the major formulations of the local business industry. To grow in the global digital market and creating a unique identity is difficult. Thus, as the proverb says, starting from zero is always beneficial. That’s why the SEO has proclaimed local optimization services to drive traffic to local customers viable where the business has been established. Going with marketing definition, it states that Local search engine optimization services provide regional businesses visibility in the local search page results. They liberate strategies such as keyword mapping procedures, tracking on the demographics to target the local traffic and turn them into potential clients. Thus, the market has evolved in many ways while increasing the demand for a local SEO agency in Kolkata The google rank also depends on the Google business listing proceedings. Therefore, if the website is available online in the form of local business listings, there are higher chances of attaining more reviews, ratings, and helps in building the brand’s unique identity across the local digital marketing field.
This was all about SEO and its lesser-known facts. One must know the four different types, and their associated functions to outshine the competitive digital marketing crowd. Apart from all this, finding affordable SEO services in Kolkata is a difficult task as there are plenty of SEO services available. They have been emerging to date. However, before working with the SEO companies, the marketers must follow up on some points to find the best-suited service providers for their website:

The first and foremost thing is to check whether they have experience records working with big industries or brands. Secondly, learn about their strategies so that it benefits your website immensely and does not put the website at risk. They must ensure safety and security procedures. Lastly, check their costs list so that it meets up your budget of investment completely.

Thus, if you are looking for the best SEO company in Kolkata, then choosing SahinX Digital is the perfect decision you have taken. We at SahinX Digital have skilled professionals who have to gather experienced and have been rendering satisfying results of our quality works to the clients. Our motto is to drive the market crazy while setting up tactics out of the radar.

Marketing is all about choosing the right platform to target the right kind of audience for the website. Well, we have mastered this too. We know what are the best platforms and at what level the advertising must be done with minimal cost facilities. If you are still waiting for the right time and still have confusion? Then it is the high time you must opt us for adding value to your brand as well as establishing them in the local market. Hurry up! Before the Google algorithm starts to change.


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